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Informal Romance

Informal Romance is a Christian fiction series that takes you from the pediatric oncology unit to ICU to the neurology department of a metropolitan hospital. You'll meet Child Life Specialists, hard-working nurses, and the occasional doctor worth 

getting to know better. Come along for the journey as characters who face some of the worst situations imaginable find their way through the tough questions and to the heart of God...and each other.


Real Contemporary Christian Romance bringing people together when they aren't at their best.

 Ladies of Larkspur is an inspirational western romance series, including Mail Order Man, Just Dessert, and Redemption.  The Ladies of Larkspur series weaves together pioneer tradition, faith in God, and perfectly flawed characters in the fictional town of Larkspur, Idaho.  All titles are available as e-books and in printBegin your western adventure now.


Get to know the Ladies of Larkspur and the men who captivate them.  



Contemporary Romance

Looking for a contemporary inspirational romance with a humorous twist?  Enjoy a little laughter with your love?  Then you'll enjoy Nowhere for Christmas and Ten Million Reasons!  Get ready for lighthearted banter and characters who aren't afraid to admit their faults or - even better -- laugh at themselves!

Modern day romance with an endearing touch of calamity.



Regency Refuge

Welcome to Regency England where people rarely say what they mean, and everybody knows it!  The Regency Refuge series is romance interwoven with an inspirational theme so that -- as much as possible -- it's true to how faith would have been represented among people during that era.  Once upon a time there were Cities of Refuge.  Those don't exist in Regency England, though -- so where will people run when they need protection?  Who will they turn to, and where - or how - will they hide?  Find out for yourself! 

There are women who need protection and brave men to protect them...or is it the other way around?




Short Stories

Are you looking for a quick read?  Look no further!  "Late for the Ball?" and "Even When It Hurts" are right around the corner.  Historical, contemporary...or a mix of the two...whatever you're in the mood for, you're bound to find something you like!  As an added bonus, the story "Even When It Hurts" is part of a larger anthology called Love and Diamonds with short stories from fourteen other authors.  Ready to learn more?

Short reads well worth your time.


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