Inspirations of the Heart

inspirations of the heart coverDo you struggle with faith in God? Do you doubt Gods presence in your life? Or, do you believe in God, but desire a deeper, more meaningful relationship with Him?

Inspirations of the Heart is a collection of real-life stories recounting personal journeys of faith and the love, peace, and healing that people have found along the way. Find out how in the midst of heartache, addiction, fear, tragedy, or simple daily encounters, faith in God has been inspired, renewed, challenged, and strengthened.

These beautiful and inspiring stories invite you to see and understand that God is indeed real; He is present and all-loving. He actively works in every person’s life when the heart is open to Him.

Life was never meant to be ventured all on one’s own. Discover how fulfilling life can be when you invite God into your heart.

This book includes “When Life Shatters,” a piece I wrote that takes a look at how we can approach Jesus when it feels as though our lives have shattered into a million pieces.

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Heart”wings” Devotional (Volume 1)

heartwings devotional cover

Heart”wings” Devotional is a compilation of love and faith from thirty Christian writers: bloggers, authors, pastors, retired nurses, and more. They all have blogged regularly at –the public arm of Heart”wings” – a women’s fellowship. It contains over one hundred messages to point readers to God’s own heart. The contributors, lovingly referred to as co-hearts, share their personal life stories. Testimonies . . . memories . . . the good, the bad, and sometimes the ugly. Each one is a woman who loves God with her whole heart and was called by Him to walk alongside each other in this ministry.

This collection includes my devotion “Ordinary Moments” that talks about how the ordinary moments of life are where we gain insight into the heart of Christ.

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The Mighty Pen

the mighty pen coverDear Fellow Christian Writer, We are pleased to share these devotional thoughts from Christian writers to Christian writers. We pray you might see yourself here and gain encouragement to keep writing for His glory. This devotional book was born out of a two-day class at Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference. During the class we shared the good, the bad, and the ugly of writing for the Lord. Just as we are encouraged in the Word to spur each other on, we did this during our few hours together. Within these pages we hope to spur you on in your calling to write for Him.

The Mighty Pen includes three of my devotions: Fear: One Author’s Perspective; The ABCs of Writing: Agents, Brilliance, and Consistency; and The Bad Review Blues. This book is currently out of print and has only limited availability.