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The Inspired Inkpot

The Inspired Inkpot is a street team.  So, what's a street team, right?


street team: a group of loyal fans who show said loyalty by helping to support a person, group, or entity; followers who "hit the streets" to help promote a person or event; awesomeness


People have been telling me for months that street teams are the best way to promote new authors and new books.  It's a great concept, I have to admit it.  So here I go.  I'm taking the plunge.

The great news?  I'm not doing it alone!

Lucie Ulrich, Elizabeth Maddrey, Felicia Rogers, and I joined together to co-create a street team called The Inspired Inkpot.  We will take turns hosting different challenges and giving out prizes.  We'd love for you to join us on our adventure and be a part of our team!

What now, right?

Each week on Monday one of us will post a new weekly challenge (or sometimes start a thread where we'll post daily challenges).  Anyone who completes that challenge and comments to say they've done so will be entered in a drawing.  At the end of the week a winner will be randomly chosen, and the prize awarded.  Prizes will include books, gift cards, jewelry, and more.  Occasionally there may be extra challenges posted for special events and/or to mix things up a little bit so we don't get too predictable.

If you'd like to be a part of our street team, we'd ♥LOVE♥ to have you!

Click below to join The Inspired Inkpot.