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Wordy Wednesday

Welcome to Wordy Wednesday!  Share an excerpt fewer than 500 words from your family friendly book in the comments below.  Be sure to include the title and one buy link.  Then go spread the word about this post so even more people will find it.

Happy reading (and writing)!!

Here's an excerpt from Ten Million Reasons

Max and Genevieve ate lunch, swapped funny stories from their week, and discussed schedules for the upcoming month. He had decided to try out for the cross-country team.

“I don’t stand a chance, but I want to try.”

“Why? Running is so boring.”

“You run.”

“Yeah, but only because it’s slightly less monotonous than sitting at the computer when I have writer’s block.”

“The practices are long, and they’re in the afternoons when Mom’s usually working, so this will give me something to do. I get bored killing time at home so much. It’s dull there now that Jenny got a job and is gone all the time.”

“How does she like her job?” Genevieve asked, with interest.

“I don’t know about the job, but she sure does like the money,” Max answered, waggling his eyebrows comically.

Ah, to be a teenager with the simple worries of acne medication and a pretty dress. Then Genevieve corrected herself. And divorce. Don’t forget that simple worry.

“So why were you late today?” Max asked.

“You’d never believe me if I told you,” she answered.

“Try me.”

Rolling her eyes, Genevieve answered, “I got sucked into another survey.”

Max almost spit chow mein at her as he laughed. “You have got to be kidding me! Can you even walk through the mall without taking a survey?”

Trying not to laugh, Genevieve crumbled a napkin to throw at her nephew. “I got a gift card out of this one.” Then, slapping the palm of her hand against her forehead, she said, “I should have used it to pay for lunch! What was I thinking?”

“You can use it next time.”

“Do you honestly think I’m going to remember that?” Her voice was filled with dry humor.

“No worries,” he said. “I’ll remind you.”

“What would I do without you, Max?”

“You’d be lost without me, Aunt Gen, and you know it.”

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My sample is from Letters in the Grove
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Code in hand, she translated the symbols. Tears beaded in her eyes as the words became clear.

Mein Engel,
I hope you fare well. The news of continued peace is Augsburg is music to my soul. As long as you are safe I can continue to work toward our future.
It saddens me that the French government is staunchly against Protestant freedom. The admiral and his friends work tirelessly to rectify this situation. Brazil is ready for its first inhabitants. I hope one day we will be able to travel there together and make a new life.
As my quill flows over this paper, I think of you. The air is rife with the aroma of roses. It reminds me of holding you in my arms and smelling your sweet scent. I can picture you, your hair lying around your face, a smile of contentment tugging at the corner of your lips. I wish I was there now holding you. One day, these dreams will become a reality.
Remember to always code your messages. Pressures on our movement have caused people to do desperate things. And as always, I love you.
Your husband, Gustav

Teresa ran her fingers lovingly over the original letter. If she closed her eyes she could almost see Gustav penning the missive.