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Wordy Wednesday

Welcome to Wordy Wednesday!  Share an excerpt fewer than 500 words from your family friendly book in the comments below.  Be sure to include the title and one buy link.  Then go spread the word about this post so even more people will find it.

Happy reading (and writing)!!

Here's an excerpt from Ten Million Reasons

Max and Genevieve ate lunch, swapped funny stories from their week, and discussed schedules for the upcoming month. He had decided to try out for the cross-country team.

“I don’t stand a chance, but I want to try.”

“Why? Running is so boring.”

“You run.”

“Yeah, but only because it’s slightly less monotonous than sitting at the computer when I have writer’s block.”

“The practices are long, and they’re in the afternoons when Mom’s usually working, so this will give me something to do. I get bored killing time at home so much. It’s dull there now that Jenny got a job and is gone all the time.”

“How does she like her job?” Genevieve asked, with interest.

“I don’t know about the job, but she sure does like the money,” Max answered, waggling his eyebrows comically.

Ah, to be a teenager with the simple worries of acne medication and a pretty dress. Then Genevieve corrected herself. And divorce. Don’t forget that simple worry.

“So why were you late today?” Max asked.

“You’d never believe me if I told you,” she answered.

“Try me.”

Rolling her eyes, Genevieve answered, “I got sucked into another survey.”

Max almost spit chow mein at her as he laughed. “You have got to be kidding me! Can you even walk through the mall without taking a survey?”

Trying not to laugh, Genevieve crumbled a napkin to throw at her nephew. “I got a gift card out of this one.” Then, slapping the palm of her hand against her forehead, she said, “I should have used it to pay for lunch! What was I thinking?”

“You can use it next time.”

“Do you honestly think I’m going to remember that?” Her voice was filled with dry humor.

“No worries,” he said. “I’ll remind you.”

“What would I do without you, Max?”

“You’d be lost without me, Aunt Gen, and you know it.”

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All of these sound great, but Toni Shiloh, OH MY! That sounds intriguing!

I am excited that I now have several new titles to check out and read. I am so glad I was sent here today!

I love reading these excerpts.

My excerpt is from my debut novel, Her Deadly Inheritance.

5:00 a.m. Twelve hours before a judge would declare her legally dead.

Clutching her cell phone to her ear, Jill Shepherd turned away from the red numbers glowing on her bedside clock and paced in the room’s pre-dawn shadows.

“Say you’ll come, Jill.”

“Don’t ask me, Uncle Drew. You know I can’t.” She squeezed her eyelids shut and struggled against the tightness in her throat. “The minute Lenore finds out I’m alive and you knew, she’ll think we planned this.”

His wife would turn on them both for snatching the house on Grand Island from her at the last minute. “She’ll leave you.”

“I’ll take my chances. More important things are at stake here.”

His quiet resignation clawed at her conscience. She clenched her teeth. She would remain strong. He deserved that much.

“I can’t.”

“Yes, you can.”

She swallowed hard at his pleading.

“I have to go,” he said, “but please come. The company plane is waiting at O’Hare. You have the pilot’s number. Call him.”

Jill pulled in a shaky breath. “She’ll never forgive you.”

“I’ll meet the plane when you get here. On the way to Windtop, we’ll decide how to break the news. Everything will be fine.”

He disconnected the call.

Everything would not be fine. Even he knew too well that someone would pay. The same woman who had driven Jill’s fragile mother into seclusion would see to it.

Excerpt from "Indelible", available for pre-order now! Book Three of the "Insurrection" trilogy:

Down the hall we strode, past several closed doors, into a bright white room filled with computer monitors, rolling poles, charts, tools on silver trays on rolling tables, and a thin hospital bed. Teams of lab coats worked throughout the room, muttering codes and words to each other, the likes of which I had no clue. Piotre pointed to the white mattress in the middle of the room, and a man in loose-fitting blue cotton clothing held out a hand for me to hold while I climbed on. He squeezed my hand and smiled. “We are rooting for you. Nothing to worry about.”
They hooked me up to monitors, clipped gadgets on my fingertips, while one lab coat warned me that the needle he was about to shove in my inner arm would “pinch just a bit,” but I knew better. That guy pinched and prodded both arms, taping needles into my skin, one line taking blood, the other giving fluid. Hearing the pulse of my rapid, chaotic heart brought me back to the medical ward of the Villa.
Closing my eyes, I heard Tucker’s voice amid the cacophony of staff bustlings. “You’ve got to work past whatever is holding you back,” Tucker had said. “Nevah queet, Saylah.”
We win.
We defeat.
Never quit.
Breame stood over me, wearing a set of light blue clothing similar to the others, a blue hat nestled against his forehead, a white paper mask strapped over his mouth and nose, his gloved hands flung jauntily in the air at his shoulders. “Astounding work back there. I can’t wait to see what you’ll do next.”
“Shall we?” Those serene green eyes twinkled.
​“As you said. It’s a rather good day to make history.”

See more about the trilogy at:
Insurrection, Incomplete, and Indelible each available for only $4.99.

I love ❤️ what Felicia and Lucie wrote along with the other authors, but these two are my favorites.

Finding Hope - now available for preorder - releasing April 25.

Noah Cooper brushed down his horse and left him in the corral. He strode across the expanse of property and entered the house through the mudroom. Removing his hat, he scrubbed a hand through his sandy-blond hair. It was time for a haircut. The aroma of beef stew wafted from the kitchen. “You in there, Annie?”

“I am, and I washed the floors this morning, so take your boots off.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Chuckling, Noah sat on a bench to do as ordered. In the five months since he’d discovered the woman he believed to be his aunt was actually his mother, Noah had experienced a new kind of love. They were still working out the kinks, but life was good. Noah stepped into the kitchen, kissed Annie on the cheek, and sat at the oak table that was older than he was. “I picked up the mail. Nothing but bills and junk.” He held up a square envelope. “Except for this.” Annie reached for it, but Noah pulled it back with a smile. “Sorry, it’s addressed to me.”

Annie wiped her hands on a dishtowel, her inquisitive gray eyes staring down at him. “Who’s it from?”

“I don’t know. There’s no return address.” He tore open the flap and pulled out a floral note card. A small photograph of a young girl, maybe thirteen or fourteen, spilled out. She had golden-brown hair that fell past her shoulders, large green eyes, and a slightly crooked smile that mimicked his own. He turned the photo over to find the name Hope and age fourteen written on the back.

“Who’s this?” Annie took the photo from him and studied it.

Tingles ran up Noah’s spine. “I’m not sure.” Could it possibly be? Before reading the note, he zeroed in on the signature at the bottom. The breath escaped his lungs in a whoosh.

“You okay?” Annie sat next to him and put a hand on his arm.

It took a moment before he could answer. He hadn’t heard from his first love in nearly sixteen years. Not since the day he’d signed the adoption papers relinquishing any rights to his unborn child. “It’s from Amanda.”

Annie let out a long, slow whistle while holding up the picture. “So this is…”

Noah took the picture from her. “My daughter.”

A Spring of Weddings Collection

Excerpt from A Proxy Wedding:
“You want me to do what?”
Carly James couldn’t believe her ears. She stared at her cellphone to ensure it wasn’t a prank call. One glance around her apartment told her Ashton Kutcher wouldn’t be jumping out to inform her she’d been pranked. Plus, the military phone number on the caller ID assured her it was her best friend, Brenda, calling.
“I want you to stand in for me at my wedding. You’ll be my proxy bride.”
“I’ve never even heard of such a thing.”
“It’s real simple. You say the vows as me and voilà, I’m married.”
Carly plopped down onto her oversized living room chair. Her head felt like she just jumped off a swing. “Why can’t you wait and plan a wedding like normal brides, Bren?”
“Because we both have orders that will only widen our separation. I’m headed to Alaska once this deployment’s done and Adam has orders to Japan.”
She bit her lip. That was a pretty far gap. Brenda had met Adam on a work trip to Las Vegas six months ago. Despite the fact they were only around each other for one month, it was enough for the two to bond and start a relationship. Now, they wanted to marry. She shook her head at the fastness of it all.
“So if I stand in for you,” she started cautiously. “The marriage will be legal and you can get your orders changed?”
Seems harmless enough. “Then only the bride has to have a proxy?”
Silence spanned the airwaves.
“Bren, are you still there?”
“Yes, I am. I, uh…the answer is no.”
“No?” Incredulity filled her voice. “What does that mean?”
“It means Adam should be having this same conversation with his best friend. We want both of you to stand in for us.”
Carly groaned. This had trouble written all over it.
“And I might as well tell you, it needs to happen in Montana.”
“What? Are you insane?”
“Carls,” Brenda whined, using her nickname. “Montana is the only state that does a double proxy wedding. We could have hired a service to take care of all the necessary paperwork, but that just seems so impersonal. We want it to be special even if we won’t be together when it happens.”
She squeezed her eyes shut. This was not happening. Had she rolled out of bed only to land in some alternate universe?

Reading this excerpt from Ten Million Reasons just makes me want to read it again! It is such a good book!! I have the first 3 books in the Renaissance Heart Series by Felicia, so I look forward to reading them and the rest of the series, including Letters in the Grove.

My excerpt is from my latest sweet, regency romance, Sweet Surrender. A tale about second chances.


Julianna made a graceful curtsy and finally managed to raise her eyelashes and survey the room. It was not playacting that caused her sudden intake of breath as she saw her old beau again. In fact, it took all the force of will she possessed to keep her reaction within bounds. At that first brief encounter, she had been too surprised to take in his splendour. No one had told her the viscount had grown even more handsome in the ensuing years, the strength of his jawline more pronounced, and just the very slightest of grey at the temples in his nearly ebony hair. Forcing her jaw not to drop open in shock, Julianna felt her stomach flutter with nerves as she gripped tightly to her friend’s hand and tried not to cause an ill-bred scene in Catherine’s parlor.

Sweet Surrender is available wherever ebooks are sold, including Amazon:

~ Happy reading ~