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Wordy Wednesday

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Welcome to Wordy Wednesday!  Share an excerpt fewer than 500 words from your family friendly book in the comments below.  Be sure to include the title and one buy link.  Then go spread the word about this post so even more people will find it.

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An Informal Christmas - Click to Buy


Rylie leaned her forearms on the pew in front of her.

The hospital chapel was quiet, the relaxing gurgle of a small fountain to her left the only sound. Funny how something so basic to life — water — could show its strength in how it soothed.

Is that it, God? Have I been asking You for the wrong things?

Suzie’s comment came back to Rylie. Though she’d tried to hide it, her struggles at work were apparently not as secret as she’d thought.

I don’t understand why You let children die.

She was called to work with children. Rylie had no doubt about it. Brightening a child’s life, or even just their day, brought her immeasurable joy. It fed her soul.

When did I stop looking to You to feed the hunger in my soul?

It wasn’t anything she’d done on purpose. She thought she’d brought God with her into every hospital room, every MRI, and every diagnostic report. Yet somewhere along the way…

I started leaving You out in the hallway, didn’t I?

Why? She’d committed her life to Christ ages ago, and she’d done her best to live each day for Him until…

Somewhere along the way, I stopped trusting You with the lives of my kids. You let too many of them die.

Wasn’t the power of life and death in God’s hands, though? Everyone’s days were numbered, and He was the only one who could count them in advance. The children who died, though, what about them?

They should have had more days, God. Why did You cut their lives so short?

Rylie waited for an answer, but none came. A voice from heaven would have been nice. She wouldn’t have minded a promise that God loved all the children and wanted the best for them, that heaven was a glorious place for them to be.

 The fountain continued to whisper in the quiet room.

So that’s how it’s going to be? I’m supposed to explain to myself why I should continue to trust You?

After all, she knew the truth. Jesus invited everyone — including children — to come to Him, and He promised abundant life to those who accepted the invitation.

I still don’t understand why life is what’s right for some and death is what’s right for others.

Was it death, though? Or was it the best life, life lived out millennia upon millennia in the presence of one’s Savior? But the families left behind…

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I am curious to find out by reading Love of a Businessman if Jema likes Mr. Haywood, is Rick jealous of Mr. Haywood, and what happens at the party Jema is invited to. This book is on the kindle, I just need some time to read it!

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The phone rang, and she wedged it under her ear and against her shoulder. “Morgan’s Human Resource Department, Jema Joyner speaking.”
“Hey, darling.”
She dropped her jaw and almost lost the phone. She wedged it back under her face. “H-hello, Mr. Haywood.”
“Oh, enough of that Mr. Haywood nonsense, its Michael, Mike, Mic, or dear for you, sweetheart.”
“Mr. Haywood, how may I help you?” She struggled to maintain her cool. It wasn’t helping that Rick had stepped out of his office and was watching her.
“So just not going to listen. That’s fine. I’ll convince you later. What I need to know is if you received the party invitation?”
“I did.” She’d gotten it all right. And that was all she could think about. Did he want to know that as well?
“Good. Mother has driven me mad for days. Chloe wanted you invited, but we weren’t sure we had your address. But now I can tell Mother and she’ll stop worrying. So how are you?”
Chloe had wanted her to come? Not him? Why did that hurt? She didn’t really want to think about it.
“That is my intent.”
“Good. I don’t know what I’d do without you. The others on the invite list make me shudder.”
She couldn’t imagine anyone making him shudder.
She mulled over his other words. So he did want her there? She didn’t know if she believed it.
Rick waved and pointed at himself. She shook her head so he’d know the call wasn’t for him. It had taken him awhile to ask. Probably because he was listening. Had she been discreet enough?
“Mr. Haywood, I really must return to my duties.”
“Of course, you’re still at work. I called late hoping you’d be almost finished and I could invite you to dinner.”
“Dinner?” Her throat was suddenly dry.
“Yes, where two people sit at a table and consume food together. You do that, right?”
“Today?” She would ignore the sarcasm, although it seemed eerily familiar. Like another person she’d known years before.
“That was my hope, but I realize I’m unaware of your scheduled responsibilities.” He seemed genuine.
“I-I fear tonight I’m unavailable.”
“A shame, but I understand. I should have asked earlier.” He paused. “So I shall see you Saturday at the party?”
“I’ll be there.” It seemed the quickest way to get him to release her.
“Excellent. Then I’ll leave you to your tasks. Forgive the intrusion.”
“Thanks for calling.”
The phone clicked off after a brief goodbye. She held the receiver a moment longer than usual, before placing it on the cradle.