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Summer Begins Blog Hop

It's Summer!  What do you plan to do?

Me?  I'm going to kick back, take it easy, and...oh wait.  That's my alter ego, the one who lives in a Perfect World.

Yeah, back to me.  I'll be working on editing, writing a Christmas novella, reorganizing the sunroom (a dreaded task), and fighting weeds with all my might.  After all, I live in the Real World.

What about you?  Does your upcoming summer hold any secrets, adventures, or stories just begging to be told?  I hope so!  Share below so I can live vicariously through you.  :)

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Summer at our house means more outdoor living. The only problem is that most of the living is done in our vegetable garden with a hoe in my hands. I'm not complaining though. Once my canning jars are full and the freezer lid will barely close then I remind myself that once more God has blessed us with food for the coming winter.

Are you sure you want to live vicariously through me?

We like little mini-trips, maybe just 1 night away and going to antique stores or flea markets. Nothing planned.....Steve needs to have hernia surgery. So it will probably be stay at home this summer.

I plan to enjoy my yard and new fire pit on the patio.

im disabled with MS, so travel is very difficult for me. I like being able to have my windows open for fresh air and sitting on my porch if it's not too hot.

my summer is for relaxing and enjoying the warm sunshine.when life doesn't get in the way