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 Leap Into Books Giveaway Hop

February 28th to March 7th
Co-hosted by Jinky is Reading

Welcome to my blog!

One lucky winner will receive a $5 gift card (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Starbucks) plus their choice of TWO of the books featured below.  The rafflecopter is at the bottom of this page, so please scroll down to enter.  International entries are welcome!

Thank you - and HAPPY READING! 


15 Authors. 15 Stories. 2 Themes.  LOVE and DIAMONDS.  Love and Diamonds is a collection of short stories by talented Astraea Press authors.  If this book is selected, the winner will receive the entire anthology. In the meantime, here's a sneek peak at my contribution to the book -- "Even When It Hurts", a contemporary inspirational short romance.

Liam loved Dawson with all his heart.  Then the unthinkable happened.  Her brother was dead.  He blamed himself, and she pushed him away.  Goodbye white picket fence.

Dawson's brother was killed while under Liam's command, and being around Liam hurt too much.  So she fled from the relationship.  Goodbye happily-ever-after.

That was a lifetime ago.

When trouble comes knocking at Dawson's door, she knows, despite everything between them, Liam is the only person she can call, the only one she trusts to do the right thing and keep her safe in the process.  But will he come?  Will he help her…even when it hurts?


Dessert…the perfect remedy when nothing in life goes right.

What do you do when you are the sole protector of four children, your brothers and sisters? When each day is haunted by disappointment, disillusionment and desperation? When you believe that everyone who ever loved you, including God, has abandoned you? 

You bake a pie, of course.

What do you do when you find a woman whose heart is consumed by fear? Who does not know how to trust? Who scoffs at your faith and throws your kindness back in your face? 

You eat a pie, of course.


Anything can happen on the road to Nowhere… 
An independent single mother, Avery tries to remind herself to let God lead her life. Eli, her son, is happy as long as he has his music and the occasional adult on which to practice his rapier wit. Gavin is a virtual stranger who mysteriously disappeared a few years ago.

The trio ends up together for a road trip to the small town of Nowhere. An eight hour drive turns into two days of misadventure as bad luck stalks them. The bumper falling off is only the beginning! They also meet a lot of interesting people along the way.

Hungry, cold, and tired, the three finally reach Nowhere only to discover it's nothing like they expected, and they learn that reaching their destination doesn't necessarily mean the journey has ended. 

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