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Merry Christmas

December 25, 2016

I want to take a quick minute in the midst of all the hustle and bustle to wish you and your loved ones a very merry Christmas. Whether you follow this blog as a reader, a fellow writer, or something else entirely - thank you for your support in my writing career. I wouldn't be where I am without yo…

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Christmas Blessings: A Box Set #NewRelease

September 13, 2016


A couple months ago, someone approached me about being in a Christmas box set this year. I had so much fun doing a Christmas box set last year, how could I possibly say no? It's been a joy to work with these authors and to see their willingness to keep a spirit of unity as we bring ou…

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Christmas Reads

December 23, 2015

Looking for a Christmas romance?

Here's a few for you to check out. The stories are all either Christian fiction or clean fiction and are listed in alphabetical order by author's last name.

Happy reading! 



Rachelle runs a little wedding chapel on the Coderica Passenger Liner. Tw…

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In the Spotlight: Dayna's Miracles

November 6, 2015

Dayna’s Miracles

by Lynn Spangler


Tagline:  Magic can happen...if you believe.

Blurb:  She had loved. And she had lost.

Dayna Stone had lost her husband eight years earlier when their daughter, Khloe, was only four months old. She had survived the devastating loss of her husba…

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Love's Gift #Excerpts

October 28, 2015

Love's Gift with Excerpts

You've probably already heard me talk about Love's Gift, right.  It's a great boxed set of "Christian romance with Christmas in mind," and it's only 99cents.  Just in case you're still on the fence, though...I'm sharing a brief excerpt from each of the stories.


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Kay Springsteen Talks Tradition

December 24, 2013


christmas tree animated

Can you believe it?  It's Christmas Eve already!  I'm sad that Christmas will soon be behind us.  Before this season is over, though, there's one last author and book I get to share with you.  I haven't read this one yet, but I've read some of her other books, so I know you're in for a t…

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Christmas Dinner with E.A. West

December 23, 2013



As you may have figured out by now, I love Christmas.  L. O. V.E.  I'm a little over-the-top about it, too.  I'm in good company, though!  I found some fantastic authors who've written Christmas-themed books to share my blog with this year.   Enjoy!

Today, I'm turning my blog…

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Christmas in Trinidad with Sandra Sookoo

December 22, 2013


 From Millan.NetAs you've probably  figured out by now, I enjoy the Christmas season.  There's something special about it that brightens my mood and makes me wish for hot apple cider (which I have a great crock pot recipe for, by the way!) and cozy nights with gingerbread cookies by the fireplace (which I…

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Christmas Shopping With Patricia Kiyono

December 21, 2013



When do you do your Christmas shopping?  How do you decide what to buy?  Are you a bargain hunter or an extravagant giver?

Today, I'm turning my blog over to Patricia Kiyono.  Have you ever wished you were a fly on the mall's wall?  Patricia is going to tell us what it's like to Christm…

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Midwinter's Eve Giveaway Hop

December 20, 2013

2013 Midwinter's Eve Hop


Welcome to the Midwinter's Eve Giveaway Hop hosted by Bookhounds and I Am A Reader, Not A Writer!

Here's a brief look at two of my novels.

Happy Reading!


Dessert…the perfect remedy when nothing in life seems to be going right.

What do you do when you are the sole protector of four …

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Nell Dixon Talks Christmas Tradition and Beastly Beauty

December 20, 2013



Christmas is almost here!  Are you as excited about it as I am?  Is the shopping done?  Gifts wrapped?  Menu planned?  We have a family tradition.  Christmas breakfast is Monkey Bread.  It's guaranteed to start your day off with a nice healthy sugar high.  Hence, it's great success!…

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Going Nowhere for Christmas

December 19, 2013



This is the place where I'd normally introduce to you the person that's going to be on my blog...but today that person is me!  So here I am.  ME.  In all my Christmas-loving glory.  (Which probably means I'm still wearing pajamas and drinking peppermint mocha coffee.)

Now, you may hav…

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Celebrating Christmas with Sherry Gloag

December 18, 2013



Christmas is almost here!

For just a minute, put up your feet and enjoy a good book.  Don't worry about the wrapping, the shopping, the menu-planning, or where to put all the family.

Make up your mind to enjoy yourself today - and what better way to do that then with a book?

Today, I w…

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Super Mini Spotlights

December 17, 2013

I normally blog on Tuesdays, but instead of a regular blog post today, I decided to do some super mini spotlights on some other Christmas books.  No posts from the authors, just a little peek at some books that might be worth a look-see.  Some of them are ones I've read, and some are not.  Click o…

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Jo Grafford - Christmas in Bavaria

December 16, 2013



Okay, folks, I'm really excited about this post!  As someone whose most exotic travel includes across the border into Mexico for inexpensive shopping when I was a kid, the idea of traveling to other parts of the world fascinates me.  I might even envy world travelers just a smidgen.


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Ruth J. Hartman - Christmas Shopping Calendar

December 15, 2013



As you may know, I love Christmas.  L. O. V. E.  I'm a little over-the-top about it, too.  (Case in point:  sparking bird & bow to the left)  I'm in good company, though!  I found some fantastic authors who've written Christmas-themed books to share my blog with this year.   …

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Christmas with Brenda Maxfield

December 14, 2013


Christmas is just around the corner!  Are you ready yet?  One year we lived in this tiny little place with no room for a tree, so I used garland and shaped it into a tree on the wall.  It was...not as great in reality as it had been in theory.  I'm a much better artist in my mind than I am i…

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Patricia Kiyono - My Favorite Christmas Memory

December 13, 2013



As you may know, I love Christmas.  L. O. V. E.  I'm a little over-the-top about it, too.  I'm in good company, though!  I found some fantastic authors who've written Christmas-themed books to share my blog with this year.   Enjoy!

Today, I'm turning my blog over to Patric…

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Nell Dixon's A Cornish Christmas

December 12, 2013


Who doesn't love Christmas?  And sparkly snowmen to boot?  Come on, you know you like it.  (Yeah, I know.  Sometimes I'm a little over enthusiastic.  But come on, it's sparkly.  Cut me some slack!)  :)

Please welcome Nell Dixon today!  She's going to tell us a bit about her book, A …

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J. L. Salter - Christmas Near the North Pole

December 11, 2013


I've seen a blizzard or two in my day, but nothing that could do justice to what today's guest saw during his military service.  Please give a warm Christmas Welcome to the always entertaining J.L. Salter!  Be sure to leave comments for J.L. and to enter the Rafflecopter below for a chance …

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